School Band


In 2022 Franklin School was proud to partner with The Instrumental Music Program (IMP) to create a woodwind band. IMP is a Section of the Education Directorate that supplements the music education of up to 22 selected children in each of Years 5 and Year 6 through a school band program. Students receive 2 lessons a week delivered by an IMP teacher, and one additional lesson provided by the school-based band teacher.

The IMP has been operating in the ACT since 1973 and is unique to Canberra. It has also attracted a great deal of national and international interest because of its methods, organisation and achievements.

Through the IMP selection process, up to 22 year 5 students are invited to form a new school band each year. The instruments in the band include flutes, clarinets and percussion (bass drum, snare drum, glockenspiel and auxiliary instruments such as tambourines and bells) as well as an oboe, bass clarinet, piccolo and saxophone. Students selected in year 5 will become the year 6 band the following year.

As part of the school band, students enjoy opportunities to go on excursions to collaborate with other school bands, play at school assemblies and events, and perform for public occasions such as Floriade. This program helps our students develop confidence and discipline, as well as stronger relationships with their band peers and a sense of school spirit. It is an exciting component of our school and a great deal of fun!