Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum Model

Franklin School's philosophy and values are implemented through our curriculum and pedagogy.

Our curriculum represents extensive coverage of the Australian Curriculum content descriptors, achievement standards and general capabilities.  Our programs complement the skills, behaviours and attributes that students need to succeed in life and work in the twenty first century.

Franklin's learning programs are delivered through an integrated learning model where genuine and authentic, real connections can be made.  Integrated inquiry units are described using the language of Big Understanding to define the inquiry and Key Questions to further prompt learning experiences.

Our curriculum covers the following learning areas:


In English, students learn to read, write, listen and speak accurately, flexibly and critically.  Our English lessons develop students' knowledge of the English language and provide deep understandings of how it works. English lessons also involve discovering the patterns and purposes of English usage, including spelling, grammar and punctuation at the levels of the word, sentence and extended text.

At Franklin students are involved in explicit and structured writing sessions.  Throughout the year students are exposed to a variety of different text types through their English and Integrated units.

Reading lessons encompass the explicit teaching of reading strategies, based on First Steps, to enhance fluency and reading comprehension.  In the junior year students are involved in guided reading lessons where they apply the reading strategies they have learnt to a new text.  In the senior years students build on their reading abilities through cooperative reading sessions where they learn to work cooperatively and develop the skills to become code breakers, text analysts, text users and text participant.



Gifted and Talented Education

Franklin School procedures align with the ACT Education Directorate’s Gifted and Talented Students Policy 2021 which reflects the ACT Government's continued interest in pursuing the very best provisions to meet the learning needs of gifted and talented students. This Policy provides consistent advice to schools regarding the best approaches in identifying and supporting gifted and talented students in ACT government schools.

The aim of the Policy is to ensure that every child has the opportunity to receive developmentally appropriate programs regardless of their socio-economic or cultural background, based on their level of giftedness and those other factors which are individual to each student.

For additional information visit; Gifted and Talented Students.

ICT (Information Communication Technology)

At Franklin, ICT is integrated across all areas of the curriculum. Students have access to computers in the computer lab and junior and senior class sets of iPads. Interactive Whiteboards are available in every classroom and across the school and we are trialling LED screens for use in supporting learning programs.  Students have access to software and applications to support their learning.

More information on our learning programs can be found under Our Programs.