Medical requirements

Annual Medical Requirements

Each school year, all parents/carers of ACT Government school students are required to complete a Medical Information and Consent Form in relation to their child/ren. This form requests general medical information and provides for parents/carers to consent to first aid treatment for their child/children in line with the First Aid Policy and First Aid General Procedures. This form is used for excursions and local walk activities.

Known Medical Conditions

If your child requires intervention i.e administration of medication or other support the following documents are required (in addition to the Medical Information and Consent Form). All forms are required to be updated annually or if your child's medical requirements change. Please see below for the medical forms.





Short term, non-ongoing medical issues

The administration of prescribed medication for a short term, non-ongoing medical issue e.g antibiotics for a period on 10 days, must be authorised by written agreement from the student's parent/carer, via the Medication Authorisation and Administration Record and a qualified health professional (a medical prescription is adequate)

Accompanying Adults on excursions / incursions

If you would like to volunteer at the school for excursion and incursions please fill out the Accompanying Adults Medical Form.