Starting School

To enrol your child, please visit the ACT Education website and fill out the enrolment form.

What should I wear to school?

At Franklin Early Childhood School students wear school clothes.  It is so much easier to say “Today is a school day, go and find your school clothes!”

School clothes at Franklin are a red or green t-shirt, red jumper and green hat. We encourage children to be comfortable and to be able to run and jump and skip and hop and they need to do this in clothes that allow them to do this. Children at Franklin also get dirty and dusty and get glue and paint on themselves so hard-wearing easy care clothes suit the work that they need to do.

Jeans, shorts and leggings are great things to wear on the bottom half for a busy day at school and enclosed shoes for running around, bike riding, playing, climbing. Thongs don’t keep little toes safe, so we don’t encourage thongs at school.

T- shirts and jumpers with the school logo are available to buy at reception.

We also have a swap shop for second hand uniforms in the school community room. This is open during school hours and parents/carers can come along and take clothes for a donation or swap with your own items of uniform. See Hannah in the community room for more details.

How much does it cost for school?

Each year the school charges a one-off Voluntary Contribution Fee which contributes to the running of the school. In 2021 this fee will be $120 per child or $200 maximum for a family.

There is also a book pack payment. The book pack payment is used to contribute towards consumables used in classrooms. The cost of the preschool book pack is $120 per child and all other years Kindergarten to Year 5 is $110 per child.

Anglicare at Franklin School

Anglicare at Franklin provide an integrated Preschool Program, before and after school and vacation care. Anglicare are open

If you would like to have a look at the service, or if you require more information, please do not hesitate to contact our staff on 6142 1117 or via email on

Food at Franklin School

Children eat at set times across the day and we suggest that you provide familiar foods that your child enjoys eating at home. Staff are unable to heat food for children, but you can purchase some fabulous food containers that keep lunches warm if needed.

A cooked lunch is available from Anglicare which can be ordered at reception for a cost of $5.

For ideas of what you can include in your child’s lunch box please click on the link below.


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