Beginning of the week: Monday, Tuesday & alternating Wednesday 9:00am - 3:00pm

End of the week: Alternating Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 9:00am - 3:00pm

What a day at Preschool looks like:

When do families leave?

After your child has unpacked, settled in and is engaged in activities and enjoying the classroom then it is time to leave.

Some children are more anxious than others and so are some of our parents. There are plenty of staff on hand to ensure that the children settle-in, feel safe and happy and have had an opportunity to farewell their family. Students often settle very quickly once they are intrigued by their new surroundings.

When is home time?

School finishes at 3pm. We have a hand-over-hand policy, this means that we ensure that we have a quick chat and pass your children over to you. For those children attending after school care the staff sign them over to the care of the ANGLICARE staff.

What days will my child come to school?

We appreciate that coming two days one week and three days the next week can get confusing. To assist families we provide you with, each term, a calendar that highlights your child’s preschool days.

The alternate Wednesdays can be a bit tricky and we are often asked “What happens if I bring my child to school on the wrong Wednesday?” That is simple; we will have to send you home!

How much does it cost for Preschool?

Each year the school charges a one-off Voluntary Contribution Fee which contributes to the running of the school.  In 2019 this fee will be $120 per child or $200 maximum for a family.

There is also a book pack payment. The book pack payment is used to contribute towards consumables used in classrooms and in a preschool classroom there are many and various types of consumables from paints and crayons to paper, glue, glitter and shaving cream! The cost of the preschool book pack is $120 per child.

When can you pay for these two things?

Families are able to make use of the Quickweb payment process on our Payment page via the Quickweb link or payments may also be made in the form of cash or EFTPOS at the front office.

What if my child has a medical condition?

School medical requirements can be found on Our School page, Medical Requirements. It is important that we provide the best care possible for your child, to assist with this and managing your child's medical needs please download the forms and hand them into the front office (some form require your doctors signature)