Story Dogs

Story Dogs is based on an American literacy program which was built around the idea of children reading to dogs.

Reading sessions take place in the fishbowl area at the front of the school. This is a quiet space where the children can focus on their reading without interruptions. The session is approximately 20 minutes long, and during this time the student is one on one with the Story Dog and their handler. Books are chosen to suit the student’s reading level with the volunteer and student working together to choose “good fit” books.

During the session, the handler will speak through the dog saying phrases such as “Bobby (dog) doesn’t really understand what is happening on this page, could you tell him?” The confidence levels of the children improve dramatically as they are sharing their knowledge with the Story Dog.

The Story Dog program at Franklin School is incredibly popular and the majority of our students would love to be a apart of this program.

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Below is a photo of our Story Dog handler Jenny and our fabulous Story Dog Taco and our school leader Noni.